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Fall EDSPE 499 final


Volunteers Needed – Food Allergy Awareness Week


Volunteers Needed – Food Allergy Awareness Week


Food Allergy Awareness Week at UW begins on May 14 and student volunteers are needed to help with tabling, where we’ll be providing educational materials and promoting safety and increased awareness of common food allergies. You can volunteer for a single or multiple days and we’d like to meet with volunteers at least once before the event.


Monday, May 14   5:30-7pm (3-4 students)

Tuesday, May 15   5:30-7pm (3-4 students)

Wednesday, May 16   5:30-7pm (3-4 students)


For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Joyce Bumgarner, MS, RDN, CD  joyceb@uw.edu

Connie Mok, student assistant  connie97@uw.edu

Danielle Julifs, student assistant djulifs@uw.edu




Volunteers Needed - Food Allergy Awareness Week