Paid Opportunity for Sports Nutrition in Athletics

Good luck to all who are interested!

Fueling Manager – Men’s and Women’s Basketball


The University of Washington Sports Nutrition Department is hiring a part time Fueling Manager to begin August 2017. This position is a one-year contract with possibility of renewal. This position will assist with fueling our men’s and women’s basketballs teams and help with day-to-day operations in the sports nutrition department. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into the field of sports nutrition and gain valuable experience as a part of an interdisciplinary performance team.

Hours: Part time, approx. 20 hours/week (950 hours per year). If a student, we will try our best to work around class schedules, but please understand that there are specific times we need someone to be here.

Compensation: $16/hour


Please be aware that you will work non-standard work hours, including possible weekends and holidays. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but understand that you will need to be flexible as team schedules may change! Please expect to work occasional home basketball games as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Work with assigned sports. Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Make post-practice smoothies for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball (approximately 30 smoothies per day)
  • Assist in recipe development for smoothies, incorporating whole-food ingredients
  • Assist Fueling Station Manager in ordering and inventory
  • Appropriate clean-up and care of our equipment
  • Ordering for and stocking both men’s and women’s basketball locker-rooms
  • Educational (nutrition) signage in the locker rooms
  • Occasionally assist with game days
  • Help prepare halftime fueling for both teams
  • Assist in fueling station shifts as needed

Expectations and Skills:

  • Preferred: an applicant with a strong interest in nutrition, particularly sports nutrition
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and adhere to all department and university policies and procedures, as well as the rules, regulations, bylaws and interpretations of the Pac12 Conference and NCAA.
  • Ability to work independently and as an integral member of the performance nutrition team
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment while still paying attention to detail
  • Possess strong time and priority management skills AND possess effective oral and written communication skills
  • Practice safe food handling skills and obtain food handlers permit within 30 days of hire
  • Be able to lift, push, pull objects up to 30 lbs.
  • Be reliable and dependable and accomplishing assigned tasks

Interested candidates please send your resume and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in the position and how they align with your career goals to Meredith Price at

Malaria Drug Delivery Intern

Malaria Drug Delivery Intern (Undergrad/Grad)

PATH is an international organization that drives transformative innovation to save lives and improve health, especially among women and children. We accelerate innovation across five platforms—vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations—that harness our entrepreneurial insight, scientific and public health expertise, and passion for health equity. By mobilizing partners around the world, we take innovation to scale, working alongside countries primarily in Africa and Asia to tackle their greatest health needs. Together, we deliver measurable results that disrupt the cycle of poor health.

Source: PATH: A catalyst for global health

SoundBio Lab Volunteer Opportunity

SoundBio Lab is a community of amateur and professional science enthusiasts dedicated to promoting science education, providing access to biotechnology, and fostering self-learning in order to inspire the next generation of scientists.

We organize projects, workshops, and science events embracing hands-on learning as our motto.

We are looking for volunteers to help bring Science more accessible to the community.

As a volunteer, you are able to gain molecular biology techniques such as DNA isolation, PCR, and restriction enzyme digests. You will also get a touch of what is like to educate the community about science.

Here is a link to the SoundBio website if you are interested in learning more about the organization: .

If you are interested in helping, please fill out our volunteer application form: .”

The Q Center is Hiring Student Staff for 2017-2018!

Join the Q Crew!

The Q Center is hiring enrolled undergraduate and graduate students for three positions beginning in fall 2017, and one Web Master position that we hope to fill immediately.

Available positions include:

· 1 Education & Safer Zone Coordinator

· 2 Program Coordinators

· 1 Web Master (needed ASAP)

Visit our online application to learn about the job responsibilities, desired qualifications, and compensation.

Applications are due by May 8th at 10am, and early application is strongly encouraged. Questions? Contact qcenter or 206-897-1430.