Volunteers needed for the UW Food Pantry!

The UW Food Pantry is looking for winter quarter volunteers to help with everyday operations and to raise awareness of food insecurity on campus. This is a great opportunity for students interested in addressing and/or learning about food insecurity, nutrition, food waste, and sustainability!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this google form:


Great opportunity to gain with experience with qualitative research! Open to undergraduates

Cate Sturtevant, a UW MPH student in Health Services – Maternal and Child Health is seeking an undergraduate or graduate student to help code qualitative studies of the UW lactation rooms. Read more about this opportunity here.

This opportunity would take place in Winter Quarter between 1/18/19 and 2/15/19 with an estimated total of 10-12 work hours. A small monetary stipend of $60 ($15/transcript) is available.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in gaining some qualitative experience, but may not be ready to dive in with a whole project on their own.

Anyone who is interested can learn more by emailing Cate Sturtevant at csturtev@uw.edu or calling/texting at 425-283-8911.

Interested students will be prioritized if they reach out before Friday, December 14th.

Cascadia Consulting Group: Waterwaste Survey

Ankush Puri, an undergraduate senior in the Program on the Environment, is working with Cascadia Consulting Group on their wastewater education campaign for their capstone project (which is a 3-quarter course series including an internship with a partner organization, scholarly study in producing an academic report, and poster presentation at the Capstone Symposium).

They would like you all to fill out a five-minute survey that will help Seattle Public Utilities – your waste and sewer services provider – better understand disposal preferences and practices among the university community.

We realize this survey asks personal, and sometimes awkward questions. By answering, you are helping Seattle Public Utilities recognize practices that could impact Seattle sewer services. Your responses to the survey questions are intended to be anonymous.

Below is a link to take the survey online. Please respond before November 30, 2018.


Recipients of this survey can receive a free Chinook Book mobile app coupon code. Up to 300 codes are available. Chinook Book provides discounts and offers from a carefully-selected community of local businesses who are committed to environmental and socially responsible business practices. If you are interested, please visit the link below to provide your email address:


Your email will not be linked to your survey response.

Please feel free to contact (ankushp@uw.edu) with any questions or comments, and or let them know if you (or an RSO/student or staff group you represent) would like to further discuss or potentially collaborate on this project.

Thank you so much, your response is much appreciated!