Spring 2018 Course Offering – BIOST 311: Regression Methods in the Health Sciences

BIOST 311: Regression Methods in the Health Sciences

Quarter: Spring 2018

Time and Location: MWF 12:30-1:20pm (LC), T 10:30-11:20am (QZ), SCC 301

Grading: Graded, 4 credits

Instructor: Kelsey Grinde (grindek@uw.edu) and Brian Williamson (brianw26@uw.edu), Department of Biostatistics

Prerequisite: Open to all majors. Students should have a background in statistics at the level covered in BIOST 310. QMETH 201 and STAT 220 (or equivalent) are also acceptable, but students who have not taken BIOST 310 should request an add code at http://tinyurl.com/SPR-BIOST311. No prior programming experience is required.

SLN: 11496


The relationship between two variables is often impacted by other factors. In BIOST 311, you’ll learn how to use regression methods to account for these additional variables, and quantify the relationships among multiple variables in a variety of data types.

In particular, the course will cover three types of regression—linear, logistic, and proportional hazards—all at an introductory level. Students will get hands-on experience with data analysis using R, a freely available statistical computing software. Throughout the course, we will make use of examples drawn from the biomedical and health sciences literature.