Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society Membership Recruitment

I am the Vice President of Membership for the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society here to tell you what the Tribeta Honors Society has to offer. Beta Beta Beta is a national honors society for students, especially undergraduates, dedicated to improving, understanding, and appreciation of biological study. The UW TriBeta chapter is a platform for students to earn recognition for their efforts and accomplishments and network with other students and UW Biology staff of thief the same interests.

As an officially registered student organization (RSO), Tribeta chapter programs typically include, but not limited to, guest speakers, research presentations from members and department faculty, filed trips, community service, tutoring, and social gatherings. We know how hard it can be to form a tight-knit community within such enormous majors, especially STEM programs where upper division classes are still quite large! We are dedicated to reaching out to students of the same interests to promote networking and development of a community within science.

We want you to join us, and soon! Our induction ceremony is coming up shortly in the spring and we want you to be recognized as a new member. Most importantly, you DO NOT have to be a biology major to do so! Below are the brief guidelines to become a member.

Unlike many other groups offer several levels of participation, depending on the time and effort you plant to devote to our pursuit of biological enlightenment.

Associate Member: At this level, you may be of any major and may attend the majority of club meetings and activities. There are no specific courses you need to complete before applying and there is no GPA requirement. The fee is $40, and will count towards your Full Membership if you choose to join as a Full Member in the future. Associate membership expires upon graduation.

Full Member: A Full Member must complete both a curriculum and GPA requirement. You must have taken 2 introductory biology courses (either BIOL 161/162 or BIOL 180/200) and ONE additional biology course. The third course may be BIOL 203, BIOL 220, or an upper division biology-related course (MICROM 410, GENOME 371/372, etc.). Additional Full Members must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all biology courses. As a Full Member you have vote and serve as an officer. There is a one time fee of $50, and full membership is a lifetime membership that continues after graduation.

The deadline for application is March 5th, so please visit our website (below), click on join and fill out a quick application. Feel free to contact me at for any questions!