College of Education WIN Courses

We have seats available in some of our popular courses, such as Education and the Playfield, Education, Equity and Diversity, Teaching to Change the World, Teaching as a Profession, and our educational psychology courses in child and adolescent development.

We also have some new courses, such as

  • Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Narrowing the Opportunity Gap
  • Learning Across Settings
  • Individuals and Organizations and
  • Educational Policies and Practices Across Systems

Our Current Issues course this winter is an introduction to theories on how social, racial and bi racial, gender, cultural and bicultural identities develop, and examines the need for teachers to understand how their students’ identities impact the classroom and how teachers engage with students.

We are also offering a course on student wellness and resilience in college and beyond where students will learn skills that can be applied to their own personal well being that can be utilized across multiple environments.

College of Education Open Courses Winter 2017 (2).pdf