Husky Opportunity to Teach Overseas Fully-Financed, Department of Defense


Congratulations on a successful academic year. If you have not yet entered the job market, or are looking for an exciting summer internship, Camp Adventure Child and Youth Services, would like to extend an opportunity to teach overseas. We are now interviewing for internships that are available Spring, Summer, and Fall terms during the 2015 – 2016 school year. Interns will be working with Child Development Centers, School-Age Programs, Middle School and High School Teens, Sports Camps and Learn to Swim aquatic programs on U.S. Military Bases in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Russia, Cuba, Spain and the U.S. (Washington D.C area, Florida, Massachusetts, and Hawaii). Our program has provided services to the U.S. military successfully for more than 30 years. This opportunity is employed through the Department of Defense and this is the second year it is being extended to the University of Washington.

This is a highly competitive program with only 1 Husky Veteran, Marisa Patrick, who will be your mentor through the Camp Adventure program. She is seeking the new Husky 10, who will train at UW and WSU, and will be awarded a 10 week fully-financed study abroad opportunity in the location and program of your choice. This is a joint cooperation program between Huskies and Cougars. Marisa is seeking 10 Huskies with impressive child and youth backgrounds.

Spring 2017 internships dates are January through May, Summer 2017 internship dates are June through August, and Fall 2017 internship dates are August through December. Participants receive a living stipend of $2,900 for 10-17 weeks (prorated for shorter programs). Travel and housing are paid for.

Student Interns will provide needed support to military families. Students are engaged in experience working with children and youth, while networking with the world’s largest employer, the Department of Defense. Many Camp A veterans have been “grandfathered” into the system, and have developed life long careers through the government as child care and education professionals.

Benefits of participation include:

· 12 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit at a reduced rate of $576. (Huskies, compare this to our $3,585 UW 12 credit total. This is an amazing opportunity.)

· An opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution supporting military families.

· Travel expenses and housing are paid.

· A living stipend of $2,900 for 10-17 weeks.

· Professional training in the child development and/or school-age care fields, sports sciences, and program/curricula development.*

· You are able to defer school loans as you are enrolled in 12 credit hours. And may participate in the program for up to 5 years post-graduation.

· Engage in cultural experiences.

· Great resume builder: Department of Defense!

* Note that positions with the Department of Defense in child and youth programs as well as teaching often require 12 credit hours of related study beyond the bachelor’s degree. Many interns are hired by the Department of Defense in early childhood, school-age and youth programs and as teachers following their participation with our internship.

To take advantage of this opportunity, email your Husky Veteran, and include your phone/cell number. Send your email to marisa22. Please briefly describe your experiences working with children as well as your major, school and degree. Prior experience with children or youth is required. The subject line of your email should say which term you are interested in, for example, "Spring 2017 Internship", "Summer 2017 Internship", or "Fall 2017 Internship".

Pre-Screenings and hiring will take place this OCTOBER 2017. The first day of training is October 29th, 2017. Therefore, please respond in haste, positions will fill fast.

For more information, please see our Facebook page (

Thank you for your consideration!

Catch the magic!

Marisa Patrick

UW-WSU Camp Adventure Veteran Trainer
Camp AdventureTMChild and Youth Services