Vietnamese Speaker needed at Just Health Action

Job Description: Vietnamese facilitator for Immigrant fisher outreach and advocacy pilot program

For the past two years, Just Health Action and its partners have established a Vietnamese and Latino immigrant Advisory Groups (AG), representing two communities who may be eating contaminated seafood from the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund Site. Using a Participatory Learning & Action Model (PLA), the AG’s and interviews with community members have taught us that fishing provides them with health, cultural, spiritual connection to nature, and food security benefits. In turn, we have taught them about contaminated seafood in the Lower Duwamish and how consuming salmon is a safer option than eating resident seafood. In response, they shared ideas about outreach and alternatives to fishing the Duwamish River. Both the Vietnamese and Latino AG’s top request was to develop a community advocate peer training (promotores) program where the community can conduct their own outreach on fishing regulations and healthy fishing through a four phased approach: (1) Information: Meet with promotores to determine what they want to learn and hold ‘expert’ workshops; (2) Training: Develop curriculum and train promotores; (3) Outreach: Promotores conduct outreach in the communities; (4) Advocacy: Promotores present community needs to decision makers.

Vietnamese facilitator role and responsibilities:

ü Recruit 4-5 community advocates (promotores)

ü Attend team meetings

ü Co-plan workshops with team

ü Co-facilitate workshops

ü Assist in translating/interpreting meeting notes

ü Help develop and translate curriculum

ü "Mentor" promotores – Assist in outreach efforts or whatever their needs are

ü Assist in presenting to decision makers

ü Help prepare reports

ü Provide cultural knowledge and expertise

Skills needed:

ü Fluent in both Vietnamese and English (Oral a must, written highly desired)

ü Facilitating small groups

ü Basic understanding of environmental health concepts and environmental justice

ü An added plus – knowledge of the Duwamish Valley community health concerns

ü An added plus – has a good understanding of VN fisher culture

ü An added plus – knowledge of Spanish

Time and schedule: Approximately 150 hours between now and May 1

Hourly rate commensurate with experience: $25-40/hour

Contact: Linn Gould – or 206.324.0297

VN Job Description.pdf