AUT 2016 Course: SOC W 558 Gender, Gender Identity & Sexuality

This class is open to all graduate students. Interested undergrads can submit a waitlist request at for instructor permission.

SOC W 558 – Gender, Gender Identity & Sexuality

SLN: 20873
Offered Autumn 2016, Saturdays, 9:00-3:50pm
DATES: OCT 1, OCT 22, NOV 19, DEC 3

Through an anti-oppression lens, this course focuses on social work practice with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, intersexed and queer communities. Emphasis in the course is placed on the self-awareness of one’s own cultural, social, and political context/identities within which such practice occurs, as well as an examination of the diversity and heterogeneity within these communities. Students will enhance micro and macro practice skills regarding identity development, coming-out, and working with LGBTTSIQ youth, elders and families, queer social movements and policy organizing. The course will examine the role of multiple social identities as well as multicultural and multigenerational life span development. The course will deepen the knowledge and skills necessary for self-aware, affirming, empowering, and effective practice furthering movements for collective liberation.