Post-grad leadership – TFA deadline 3/4

Teach For America (TFA) is developing a movement of leaders in every field to create change in our education system and close the opportunity gap in America. TFA works with outstanding people of all majors who are driven to create an impact, trains them to apply their leadership and skills to teach in low-income community classrooms in full-time paid positions, and supports them to empower their students. After two years, our alumni are change agents, inside and outside of schools, tackling issues in education and beyond.

Your Impact as a Teacher

· A career – with meaning

· Bringing your passion into a classroom

Your Impact as an Alum

· Education | Business |Policy

· Science | Medicine| Non-profit

“Selfishly, my TFA experience changed me as a person. I understand for the first time what it meant to give of myself for the needs of others. I found the joy in sharing my love of learning to children that were ready to soak it up. I learned what it meant to really work hard even when the return was not immediate. Eight years later students of mine stay in touch, sending me their writing and sharing their goals. To be able to form these relationships and help mold futures was a powerful experience.” – UW 2007 Corps Member

Basics and Benefits:

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Next Deadline: March 4, 2016