Paid Undergraduate Research Assistant Position in Skin Cancer Research

Paid Undergraduate Research Assistant Position in Skin Cancer Research

The Nghiem Lab is a moderately sized, diverse lab with basic, translational, and clinical research projects. We study Merkel cell carcinoma, an uncommon, frequently lethal skin cancer associated with immune suppression, UV exposure, and the Merkel cell polyomavirus (see We are in the Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology and the Department of Pathology.

We are seeking a motivated, enthusiastic undergraduate to assist with general lab duties and translational/clinical studies involving maintenance of patient databases and support of clinical trials. Many of our projects involve contact with patients and other healthcare providers. The student would also have the opportunity to learn a variety of experimental techniques (e.g. DNA extraction, flow cytometry, cell culture). Students with excellent organizational skills and a strong desire to learn about the biology and clinical management of cancer are encouraged to apply.

We will prioritize applicants who are sophomores or juniors who have completed the general chemistry series as well as begun the biology series. Prior wet-lab experience with tissue culture is advantageous. A minimum of ten hours a week is the anticipated commitment. However, participation can be flexible depending upon the project and availability. Students willing to make a two year commitment are highly preferred.

The Undergraduate Research Assistant position offers hourly compensation equal to the Washington State minimum.

Qualified applicants should send a resume and unofficial transcript to Hannah Thomas at hannaht4.

Hannah Thomas
University of Washington | Senior | Neurobiology
Nghiem Lab | Undergraduate Research Assistant