Health Policy + ACA Outreach Leadership Opportunity

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now that you have hopefully rested, eaten, and maybe shopped a bit — the UW ACAvengers (Affordable Care Act Access, Education, and Advocacy Campaign) is excited to announce that we are recruiting for new leadership!

If you already know who we are, go ahead and click on the attachment to read the description of positions. You can apply here at this link, and applications are due Friday, Dec. 4th. Public health students are strongly encouraged to apply! Many of our volunteers and participants from public health have found that getting involved with the ACAvengers has been a meaningful and fun way to deploy their skills + knowledge in a meaningful way. In addition, one of our major partners is Public Health Seattle/King County, so there is ample opportunity to develop relationships and experience that will be highly relevant for your future career!

Please don’t stress about writing a ton! We know you are busy, so a few sentences per question is absolutely fine — this is not designed to be a big long essay application.

In case you haven’t been able to come to our events yet but are interested in what we do:

Who are the ACAvengers?

The University of Washington Affordable Care Act Access, Education and Advocacy campaign (nicknamed the ACAvengers) aims to connect UW students with opportunities to learn about the Affordable Care Act and serve as Community Advocates. Our main goals are to empower students to:

  • Learn about and become comfortable discussing the ACA in peer education settings and on-campus events
  • Harness that knowledge to assist underserved populations with enrolling in and understanding their health insurance options
  • Gain insights from these experiences to participate in broader-level advocacy for policy changes

To learn more about us, visit our website at — and consider getting involved by joining our leadership team!

Feel free to email Stephanie (current co-lead) at sevenine if you have any questions.

ACAvengers Leadership Roles.pdf