April 16 – Common Book Panel Discussion: Farmwork, Pesticides, and Public Health

HSSLA Common Book Series Presents:

Farmwork, Pesticides, and Public Health: A Panel Discussion

April 16th

5:30- 7:30PM

T-435, Magnuson Health Sciences

· How do pesticides impact the health of farmworkers?

· What are the different roles that state agencies play in protecting farmworkers from pesticides?

Come join this panel of seasoned public health officials who are working to diminish the impact of pesticides on farmworker health. Moderated by Dr. Richard Fenske from the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH). Featured guests include:

· Ofelio Borges, Washington State Department of Agriculture

· Pam Cant, Labor & Industries

· Joanne Prado, Department of Health

· Eddie Kasner, Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH)

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“In this battle, we’re fighting for the health and safety of the farmworkers and their children – and for their dignity, humanity and equality. Working in hazardous conditions should not be the price farmworkers have to pay to feed their families.”- Shelley Davis, 2006