Thank you so much for your participation in the Health Equity Circle, Sound Alliance and/or the February 19th Action Assembly. Your involvement and commitment is paramount to the success of organizing efforts. Please assist us in one more push this month to ensure those experiencing homelessness are treated as the residents of this city that they are! After multiple discussions with Seattle City Council Member offices, Sound Alliance, and Health Equity Circle leaders since the Land Use and Sustainability Committee PUBLIC HEARING earlier this month we have a few more action items that need assistance ASAP to ensure that the Encampment Ordinance meets the standards we lined out in the February 19th Action Assembly.

Help us get 1000+ e-mails to City Council members with the message below by March 29th:

“As a Seattle resident I urge you to vote yes on Councilmember Sawant’s proposed amendment to Mayor Murray’s Encampment Ordinance allowing research on encampments in residential zoned areas. I recognize those experiencing homelessness as residents of this city and urge my elected officials to do so as well. It is absolutely dehumanizing and discriminatory to block encampments from even the possibility of entering residential areas, please be part of an administration that recognizes all of its residents regardless of income levels or housing status. Thank you.”

Sally Bagshaw 206-684-8801 Sally.bagshaw
Tim Burgess 206-684-8806 Tim.burgess
Sally Clark 206-684-8802 Sally.clark
Jean Godden 206-684-8807 Jean.godden
Bruce A. Harrell 206-684-8804 Bruce.harrell
Nick Licata 206-684-8803 Nick.licata
Mike O’Brien 206-684-8800 Mike.obrien
Tom Rasmussen 206-684-8808 Tom.rasmussenov

Commit to getting other people to call and deliver the above message to as many City Council Members as possible. We’re hoping to flood the lines a few times to show how important this amendment is to Seattle residents.

a. Attend a calling and e-mailing party!!

RSVP to hanaalicic if you’d like to gather on March 17th from 4:00PM to 5:00PM

RSVP to hanaalicic if you’d like to gather on March 20th from 4:00PM to 6:00PM.

b. Organize a calling/e-mailing party with your friends or colleagues!!

If you’re planning a calling party let celeste.goulding know and she will be sure to get the information advertised to maximize attendance and to recognize you as an awesome leader!

Get your story of how you got 20 people to contact all 8 Council Member’s to celeste.goulding and be recognized in the next Sound Alliance newsletter.

Commit to attending the March 30th Full Council meeting at 2PM at City Hall.

a. Prepare a one or two sentence statement to give in support of the amendment to allow research into allowing encampments in residential zoned areas.

b. Confirm Council Attendance either with the celeste.gouldingm

Attend a Sound Alliance Research Action: Please RSVP for either Action to celeste.goulding

a. Wednesday March 18th with a McKenny Vento Homeless Liaison and Seattle Education Access Vice President from 1:30PM to 3:00PM at 2445 3rd Ave S. Seattle 98134

Call County Executive Constantine and urge support in finding a semi-permanent spot for Tent City 4. Find out more information here.