Native Youth Community of Care Conference-March 28, 2015-Olympia, WA

Native Youth Community of Care Conference

Date: March 28, 2015

Place: The Evergreen State College, Longhouse Educational and Cultural Center, Olympia, WA

Time: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.




The purpose of this conference is to address and provide resources for the behavioral, cultural, health, psychological, social and spiritual needs of Native youth living in the Pacific Northwest.


This conference is community-centered, focusing on bringing together tribes, federal, local and State agencies, non-profits and businesses to make a collective positive impact on the lives of Native youth. Attendees will also learn practical skills in working with Native youth and successful strategies for building community engagement. There will also be specialized sessions addressing Native youth suicide and substance abuse.


Guest speakers will share a blend of evidence-based and cultural-based practices related to youth engagement, mentoring, and hands on activities. Topics that will be addressed include collaboration across community service sectors, youth engagement, mentoring, money management and financial skills building, and the significance of elders and ancestors in traditional teaching. The training is designed to disseminate effective culturally-based strategies to develop a “Community of Care” for Native youth.

Speakers and Topics

• Brad Owen, Keynote Speaker- Lieutenant Governor of Washington State-Topic: Emerging Perspectives on Cross-cultural Mentoring

• David Dickinson, SAMHSA, Region X, Regional Administrator, Topic: Behavioral Health Resources for Native Populations

•Dean Johnny, Executive Director of J & J Foundation Solutions Topic: Helping Native Youth Strengthen Their Life Skills

• Dave Burnett-Tribal Leader and Businessman-Topic: Ensuring the Financial Success of our Native Youth

• Tammy Cooper-Woodrich-Nooksack traditional story teller, Violence Prevention Advocate- Topic: Power of Stories in Strengthening our Native Youth

• Rudy Nix-Native boxer and Washington State Parole Officer with Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration-Topic: WA State Aggression Replacement Training in Native American Communities

• Lara Okoloko-Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the Center for Advanced Recovery Solutions –Topic: Connection for Prevention of Substance Abuse


Registration: is via Eventbrite

Or Contact: Gary Gant at ggant

Phone: (206) 615-2318

Collaboration of Health Resources and Services Administration and J&J Solutions

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