HIV / STI Prevention Research Methods Course in SPR 2015

Upper level undergraduates welcome by instructor approval.

GH 563/EPI 549–HIV/STI Prevention Research Methods

Spring Quarter 2015, Mondays 12:00-2:50

Interested in learning about current Research Methods for HIV/STI Prevention?

This course provides students the unique opportunity to interact with local and national HIV/STI prevention research experts in a small seminar setting and gain experience discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of research methods.

Course Directors:
Renee Heffron, MPH PhD

Assistant Professor of Global Health and Epidemiology

Jared Baeten, MD PhD

Professor of Global Health, Epidemiology and Medicine

What students have said about past offerings of this course:

“I feel much more familiar with the current state of HIV research”

“One of the most interesting classes I have taken in grad school. To constantly be introduced to the most recent research and ideas surrounding HIV and STI’s always proved intellectually stimulating”

“Excellent speakers. Marvelous array of topics. Overall, one of the best courses I have taken.”

“Assignments were reasonable and effective”

This course focuses on current research and implementation of HIV/STI prevention, including biomedical, behavioral, and public health interventions. Established interventions and novel prevention strategies currently under investigation will be covered. Central goals of the course are analyzing the strength of research evidence to support novel interventions, understanding key features of study design for HIV/STI prevention, and applying interventions that are most appropriate and feasible for specific settings and populations. Students gain an understanding of the current scope of the HIV/STI prevention agenda in research, public health and policy, and clinical practice. This course is designed for graduate students in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the School of Medicine, as well as graduate students in complementary fields, and upper-level undergraduates with a strong interest in HIV/STI prevention and instructor approval.

Local and International experts who will lecture in the course this year include:

Ruanne Barnabas MScDPhil. Assistant Professor, Global Health, Medicine, UW

Paul Drain MD,MPH.Assistant Professor,Global Health, Medicine UW

Matthew Golden MD MPH. Professor, Medicine, UW

Jessica Haberer MD. Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University

Jim Hughes PhD.Professor, Biostatistics, UW

Grace John-Stewart MD PhD. Professor, Global Health, Epidemiology, Pediatrics, Medicine, UW

Kenneth Ngure PhD. Jomo Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya

Kenny Sherr PhD. Associate Professor, Global Health, UW

Jeanne Marrazzo MD MPH. Professor, Medicine, UW

Judy Wasserheit MD MPH. Professor, Global Health, Medicine, Epidemiology, UW