Health Equity Tent City Coalition

An invitation from a recent Public Health Major graduate!

Since the fall of 2014, Health Equity Circle’s Tent City Coalition (TCC) has been exploring methods of bringing Tent City 3 onto UW’s campus. Initially focusing on public health-centric interviews within Tent City 3, the TCC has expanded its goals and is now engaging with community members and partners in hopes of opening the UW to hosting tent cities and creating guidelines for conscientiously doing so. Working to end homelessness is our group’s ultimate aim. While we do not see tent cities themselves as the solution to this increasingly severe public health crisis, we believe that supporting tent cities and encouraging dialogue between tent city community members and students are important steps toward eradicating homelessness altogether. We are in the process of building up our campaign and are looking for energetic and creatively-minded students to join us. If you are interested in working with the TCC, please email campaign lead Hana at hanaalicic.