New 2015 Winter Class: Environmental Issues on Indigenous Homelands

AIS 475A

Environmental Issues on Indigenous Homelands

Winter 2015

TUES & THURS 3:30 – 5:20 PM

SLN 10195 / I&S / 5 CR

Clarita Lefthand-Begay


Take this new class to learn about environmental issues faced by tribes in North America. You will learn about the environmental pollutants that are impacting tribes. You will participate in lectures and discussions, read key literature, meet guest speakers who work on environmental issues with tribal communities, and work as a team to create a much needed website that explains and documents these important issues to the public.

The overarching goals of this course will include an examination of the U.S. policies relevant to protecting communities from environmental pollutants occurring on the homelands of Indigenous peoples, the health implications of exposure to contaminated ecosystems, and case studies that illustrate strategies for how indigenous communities are working to address these issues. It will aim to build critical awareness about environmental problems.

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