CEP Challenges Public Health to Ride in the Rain


Hello Public Health!

The students of Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) are participating in UW Transportation Service’s annual Ride in the Rain event held during the month of November. The purpose of this event is to encourage bicyclists (students and faculty) to commute to work and school throughout the month, rain or shine and promote urban cycling. Participants log their miles and compete for prizes and free swag throughout the month. The event also provides opportunities for bicyclists to take classes in bike maintenance and bike safety that help earn teams more points.

In an attempt to get more students involved and participating in this event we, the students of CEP, challenge you all, students of Public Health, to form teams and ride in the rain to promote green commuting practices in Seattle. The real challenge here is to recruit as many students as possible to lead teams as captains. Team captain commitments are minimal. Captains recruit a team of 4-10 people, register their teams online, encourage team members to cycle and record miles and trips on the Ride in the Rain website, and of course, bicycle throughout November. Captains are rewarded with free t-shirts, lots of free bicycle swag and accessories, and if more than 20 trips are taken during the month, an invitation to a free luncheon/ celebration.

If you don’t have a bike, or are in the process of getting one, the Pronto! bikes on campus and around the city are a great resource for exploring Seattle’s and UW’s bikability.

Even if you don’t ride everyday, a few trips throughout the month is better than none, and it’s all about the participation. Plus, we’ll be competing for bragging rights and a heightened sense of good stewardship, to see which major can recruit the most teams captains within the majors and bike the most miles/ trips throughout November!

The bar has been set. May the best biking major win!


Matt Wildey
Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) | Geography
University of Washington ’15
509-942-9540 | mwildey@uw.edu