EDUC 401 Inner Pipeline Seminar

In this seminar, we will be addressing community informatics issues around literacy and digital access. The class will be project-based and explore concerns such as how to promote digital literacy and early literacy. It will investigate themes around access to information and technology in partnership with Casa Latina, a local non-profit. Topics and potential projects would engage students in multiple phases of a large-scale community project centered on literacy and inclusion, grant administration and reporting, and curriculum development and implementation for adults, children and families.

Our learning objectives will span individual, team, community and project while bringing in students’ rich experiences and education. Additionally, projects and readings will guide students through areas of racial and cultural awareness, consciousness and positionality through engagement with different socio-economic and cultural communities.

Inner Pipeline Seminar EDUC 401 F

Autumn 2014 Wednesdays, 4:30-5:50 PM

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The number of credits a student receives depends on the number of service learning hours completed as well as attendance at a weekly seminar. Credit and service learning requirements are as follows:

• 1 credit: 2.5 hours service learning/week (at least 20 hours service learning/quarter)*

• 2 credits: 2.5 hours service learning/week (at least 20 hours service learning /quarter)

• 3 credits: 5 hours service learning/week (at least 40 hours service learning /quarter)

• 4 credits: 7.5 hours service learning/week (at least 60 hours service learning /quarter)

• 5 credits: 10 hours service learning/week (at least 80 hours service learning /quarter)