Program Coordinator, OEPD UW School of Dentistry

Program Coordinator, OEPD UW School of Dentistry- Access to Care with AmeriCorps State / National

The service mission carried by the Office of Educational Partnerships and Diversity (OEPD) is to improve the oral health and well being of the people of the local community and the region through outreach programs that are especially attentive to minority and underserved populations. The AmeriCorps member will serve in a program that supports and promotes the work of students, faculty and staff of the dental school directed to reducing oral health inequities in underserved communities. Our goals are to improve oral health by conducting oral health education sessions in various venues and providing dental care whenever possible to those with lack of access to care by bringing care services to the community. We also strive to increase diversity in the oral health care workforce by conducting programs that encourage youth to complete high school and higher education and pursue oral health professional careers. Our goal with the assistance of an AmeriCorps member is to expand our activities to reach more areas of the state of Washington where there is a shortage of oral health care providers. This will succeed only if there is partnership with the community members. Critical steps include community needs assessment, resource identification, organization, communication with stakeholders, fund raising and promotion of services and educational programs to the community. Our goals are to complete these steps in targeted underserved communities, and to develop sustainable programs for dental student/ community provider activities that benefit the community.

The AmeriCorps member will recruit pre-dental and dental students to participate in outreach activities which will promote and sustain the Access to Care projects. These projects include maintenance and development of health career exploration and oral health education activities for middle and high school students from underrepresented backgrounds such as Dental Camps, career fairs, and participation in youth conferences. The member will also support dental student volunteers in delivery of dental care and education in homeless shelters, mobile dental clinics, and community health centers by assisting with courses aimed to prepare dental students to serve in underserved populations and assisting setting up the community outreach volunteer experiences in the community. Additionally, the AmeriCorps member is responsible for maintenance of our website, as well as developing or updating content as needed.

We are seeking a highly motivated, community-oriented college graduate who can commit to a full-time work schedule. Must be between the ages of 18 and 25. Desired start date is 9/16/2014. For more information on the position and how to apply, please follow the link to the AmeriCorps / National & Community Service Corps website.