What’s next? ASUW is Hiring

The ASUW truly provides an unparalleled experience for students to serve others. Through an overarching theme of public service, our association provides students with real world experiences ranging from advocacy efforts that helped freeze undergraduate resident tuition to organizing large scale concerts, like Fall Fling. We are accepting applications for over 65 paid positions at jobs.asuw.org

The Associated Students of the University of Washington is a non-profit organization that serves as the student government at the University of Washington. The structure of the ASUW is a composition of 25 units, including entities, enterprises, commissions, programs, and committees. Operating with a budget of approximately one million dollars, 72 employees and over 500 volunteers work to serve students and improve student life.

Applications will close this Sunday, May 11th for several positions, including the Personnel Director, Finance & Budget Director, Communications Director, three Administrative Assistants, four Office of Communications positions, five Office of Government Relations positions, the Office of Volunteer Opportunities Assistant Director, the American Indian Student Commission Director, the Black Student Commission Director, and the new Student Food Cooperative Manager and Program Coordinator positions.

The ASUW is still accepting applications for paid positions. Join us in learning what’s next at jobs.asuw.org