Summer Experience Photo Contest w UW Career Center

We are excited to announce our first-ever student photo contest! We are encouraging any UW student to take a picture of their “Summer Experience,” which can pertain to their internship, part-time job, travel, volunteer, job shadow, etc. Students will then post their pictures via their personal Twitter or Instagram accounts, write a short caption describing the context of the picture, and include the hashtag #UWCCPhoto. The contest runs from August 22nd-September 24th.

We are hoping this gets students engaged in our social media and also shows off their engagement/involvement with internships/research/work related activity over the summer. It could be a great way for students to learn about what some of their peers have been up to over the summer and see some opportunities they may have not thought about before.

We would appreciate if you could share this with students that you know.

You can find the full details of the contest and how students submit photos here:, we are also tracking photo submissions here:

Thanks for considering sharing our Facebook event about this on your various pages:

There will be prizes awarded as well!

Danny Woo Community Garden Americorps. Volunteer Coordinator

We have an opportunity in the Danny Woo Community Garden to hire an Apple Corps/ Americorps Volunteer Coordinator. This position will both help oversee garden volunteer activities as well as teach children and youth in our children’s garden program. The position description is attached below.

We are hoping to find someone that:

  • has 1 full season of gardening or farming experience
  • has taught or worked with children for 1 year or more
  • has familiarity with and interest in social justice
  • Applicants who have knowledge of the International District and/ or the ability to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, or Korean are encouraged to apply

This request has an unfortunately urgent timeline because one of our Apple Corps members set to serve for the upcoming year has dropped out and there is now a time crunch due to the Americorps. hiring deadline. We are re-posting the position to the Americorps. website which should become live by Friday 8/22. We hope to review applications by the end of next week (Thursday 8/28).

To apply, go to the website listed below and use the search near the righthand side of the page. Enter ‘environement’ or ‘children and youth’ into the interests section along with ‘washington’ in the location section to find the position posting. It is titled Apple Corps Danny Woo Garden Volunteer Coordinator. Information on how to apply will be posted there.

Please note that this is not a staff position. Americorps. is a community service program. Participants receive a $1,125 monthly living stipend along with a $5,000 education award upon completion. They would of course also be able to work with the amazing people at InterIm CDA, meet inspiring gardeners, and glean some veggies.

DW Community Garden Volunteer Coordinator .pdf

EDUC 401 Inner Pipeline Seminar

In this seminar, we will be addressing community informatics issues around literacy and digital access. The class will be project-based and explore concerns such as how to promote digital literacy and early literacy. It will investigate themes around access to information and technology in partnership with Casa Latina, a local non-profit. Topics and potential projects would engage students in multiple phases of a large-scale community project centered on literacy and inclusion, grant administration and reporting, and curriculum development and implementation for adults, children and families.

Our learning objectives will span individual, team, community and project while bringing in students’ rich experiences and education. Additionally, projects and readings will guide students through areas of racial and cultural awareness, consciousness and positionality through engagement with different socio-economic and cultural communities.

Inner Pipeline Seminar EDUC 401 F

Autumn 2014 Wednesdays, 4:30-5:50 PM

For more information email:

For add code, complete survey:

The number of credits a student receives depends on the number of service learning hours completed as well as attendance at a weekly seminar. Credit and service learning requirements are as follows:

• 1 credit: 2.5 hours service learning/week (at least 20 hours service learning/quarter)*

• 2 credits: 2.5 hours service learning/week (at least 20 hours service learning /quarter)

• 3 credits: 5 hours service learning/week (at least 40 hours service learning /quarter)

• 4 credits: 7.5 hours service learning/week (at least 60 hours service learning /quarter)

• 5 credits: 10 hours service learning/week (at least 80 hours service learning /quarter)

Peer Health Education Program is Hiring!

The Peer Health Education Program (PHE) in Health & Wellness is hiring four student positions for the next academic year. We are hiring a PHE Director, PHE Coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drugs, PHE Coordinator for Mental Health and PHE Coordinator for Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence education.

Please send your resume and cover letter (clearly identifying the position(s) you are applying for) to Melissa Tumas (tumasm) by Friday August 8th. We will hold interviews the week of August 11th and 18th. If you are not in the Seattle area during this time, we will interview you by Skype.

The position descriptions are attached and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and good luck!

Melissa and H&W staff

Melissa Tumas, MPH

Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Specialist

SARIS | Health & Wellness

109 Elm Hall | Box 355600


PHE – AOD.docx


PHE Director.docx

PHE Mental Health.docx

Volunteer For Duwamish River Festival


We are in need of volunteers for the Duwamish River Festival on Saturday, August 23rd and have created a website that makes it easy for folks to sign up.

Shifts are short, 1.5-3 hours long.

Take a look at the different volunteer opportunities and read the job descriptions.

There will be special prize for all of our volunteers!

Read more about the festival here:

Sign up to volunteer here:

DRCC.postcard4.pdf Bilingual.pdf